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Heating & Cooling Services

Installations, Repair and Maintenance

Raya Heating and Cooling Inc offers quality installation of new heating and cooling systems. Our experts have years of experience in the industry and are well-versed in the latest technologies, helping you select the right system for your home or commercial property. We provide superior customer service along with knowledgeable advice to help you choose an energy efficient system that meets your budget and needs



Professional Furnace Installation Services in Mississauga

At Raya Heating and Cooling Inc., we offer professional furnace installation services in Mississauga. We understand that furnaces need to work reliably when the temperature drops and that’s why we are committed to providing quality installation services. Our experienced technicians will come directly to your home or commercial building to assess the scope of work and determine the best furnace for your needs. We will then install the new unit, check for Errors and ensure optimal performance before leaving the premises. Get in touch with us today for reliable furnace installation in Mississauga!

Air Conditioner

Repair and Maintenance Services

For installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioners in Mississauga, trust the experienced team at Raya Heating and Cooling Inc. With our unbeatable customer satisfaction and reliable service, we can keep you cool all summer long! Let the professionals at Raya Heating and Cooling Inc. handle air conditioner installation in Mississauga for you. With our licensed technicians, we guarantee your satisfaction with a job done right the first time! We use high quality products, backed by strong warranties to ensure a long-lasting and efficient air conditioning system in your home.

Water Heater (Tank & Tankless)

Hot Water that Never Runs Out

Have you ever wanted to take a relaxing bath at home only to find that you’re out of hot water? There’s truly nothing worse! And an old or damaged hot water heater could be the culprit. At Raya Heating and Cooling Inc., we’re here to make sure your hot water supply never runs out. With our water heater installations, we’ll set you up with a system that perfectly matches the ever-changing needs of your household. Remember, an efficient unit will use less energy—saving you money in the long run. You can also count on us to comply with all building regulations and safety code requirements.


Balanced Moisture for Optimal Comfort

Do you often wonder why you have an itchy throat, nosebleeds and aggravated respiratory problems during the winter? These complications are often due to the very dry air in your home. The good news is, there’s an easy solution: Humidifiers from Raya Heating and Cooling Inc. can help combat dry air and increase indoor humidity levels. Our trained and certified technicians are proud to offer the best humidifier installation services in the industry. Call us today to benefit from our skilled labour, technical support, and most importantly, fresh, clean living conditions. Contact us today!

Gas Pipe for BBQ and Stoves

Let’s Keep the Flame Going

So, you love to host small gatherings in your backyard or on your patio. Your go-to menu is usually a hearty barbecue, but all the smoke from the charcoal is starting to jam your frequency. Introducing Raya Heating and Cooling Inc.—on top of our standard HVAC services, we install unrivalled gas pipes that will let you grill in style for hours on end. Whether you need a gas lamp for your grill or stove, you can count on our licensed technicians for impeccable and cost-effective service. Using state-of-the-art tools, we’ll install your system in a flash so you can keep the flame going all night long. Call us today for a free estimate.

Gas and Gas Combi Boilers

We Don’t Cut Corners

So many boiler technicians rush a job to get it done as quick as possible. As a customer, this can leave you with more problems down the line like more repairs, or even a complete breakdown. At Raya Heating and Cooling Inc., we strive to make only one repair appointment. This is because we take our time, in order to deliver a permanent solution to your boiler issues. Our experts are dedicated to fixing any problem be it big or small. Trained professionals are on hand to deal with any problem that you may be having, nothing too big or too small. If it is concerning you or causing you an issue in your everyday life, then we are here to fix it.

Air Purification Units

What Are Air Purifiers?

Home air purifiers are on the rise, given concerns over air quality in most urban areas. While your home is designed to provide you shelter, we are spending a lot more time indoors nowadays, which can expose us to more indoor particles and pollutants that can induce or aggravate lung-related diseases. Air purifiers essentially work by sanitizing the air, which may include pollutants, allergens, and toxins. While filters only remove particles, purifiers can sanitize them, too.

Gas Fireplace

Love Your Fireplace Again

Is your previously installed gas fireplace no longer functional? Are you looking at it from time to time and thinking back to the nice warm atmosphere it used to create in your home? Raya Heating And Cooling Inc is here to help you regain that nice warm atmosphere once more. Our professional and experienced fireplace repair technicians can repair any make and model of gas fireplace, which means we can fix yours fast. Working with us for fireplace repair and maintenance services is easy. Simply contact us at the number below and you’ll be on your way to having your fireplace back up and running in time for winter.

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